Attendance Expectations

Students learn best when they attend school regularly as attendance is directly related to academic success and is required under the Education Act of Ontario. As a school, we promote regular attendance and have a duty to monitor attendance and investigate reasons students are absent.

Specifically the expectations for Pine View students are:

  • All students age six or more are expected to come to school "prepared, on time and ready to learn."
  • Parents/guardians should phone the main office if their child will be absent on a particular day. You can call the school at any time and leave a message on our answering machine indicating your child's name, grade and reason for absence.
  • Parents can also send a note or email, with the reason for the absence, to the school secretary.
  • A voice message system is currently in place, which will automatically call parents of those students who have an unexplained or unreported absence.
  • Students may be excused from attending school if:
    • They are ill or need to attend an appointment;
    • The school is closed due to a Government Act, regulation or Holy Day;
    • Bus cancellations;
    • Heating plant breakdown or other such emergency including withdrawal of services;
    • Participation in private music instruction for up to a half day in any week;
    • Participation in an educational experience such as legislative page or exchange program;
    • They are receiving satisfactory instruction at home or elsewhere; or if
    • Student is under suspension.

(Source: Enrolment Register Instructions for Elementary and Secondary Schools)

Student attendance is regularly monitored by our school support counsellor, teachers and administration. Expect a phone call or letter from our counsellor to discuss attendance or punctuality issues if there appears to be prolonged or habitual absence/lates so that a success plan can be put in place to support student attendance at school.

For specific information on school and board level interventions, please refer to Administrative Procedure 330 - Student Attendance Management (PDF).

Students Leaving the School During the Day or For Extended Periods

  • If students are leaving for any reason during the course of the day, they must inform the office, and check out at the office before leaving.
  • Grade 8 students may, with written permission from parents, leave the premises at lunch to go to the store. A note is required each and every time so that all parties are aware of where our students are.
  • If parents/guardians are withdrawing their children for an extended holiday during the school year, they should request approval from the school principal. Staff is not required to provide daily homework assignments for students while they are on holiday, but teachers may suggest that students read daily, keep a daily journal, etc.
  • Absent students should complete any work or assignments that they have missed.