February 12 2018

Pine View Public School 

2321 Petawawa Boulevard, Pembroke

The new brick building was built behind the original structure (see also S.S. No.4 Petawawa). The school received its current name in the 1960s when S.S. No.4 became Pine View Public School, inspired accordingly for the view of pine trees situated across the highway and clearly seen from the front of the School. Two smaller nearby schools, Schillhart Public School (formerly S.S. No. 4A) on Brumm Road and Cedarview Public School (formerly S.S. No. 2) on Airport Road, closed in the early 1970s and combined with Pine View. In 1972 a large addition consisting of a main hall with three new classrooms and a library was added on to the back of the four room school house, with two additional wings extending off the main hall to the west for the school office and two more classrooms and for the gymnasium.

It was in 1967 that Pembroke Senior Public School was created in Pembroke in the former Pembroke Collegiate Institute building. This school was specifically for grades 7 and 8, and the impact was that students from all the outlying area schools were sent into Pembroke. For the first time, Pine View became a school housing students from Kindergarten to grade 6. With the closure of Pembroke Senior Public School in 1989 and the failure of a junior high school, students in grades 7 and 8 were being returned to the smaller outlying schools. And so, in 1991 when the grade 6 class should have graduated and left Pine View, they remained to become the first grade 7 students here in almost twenty-five years and remained the following year to become grade 8 students. The latest addition to the school, necessary now to accommodate the return of grade 7 and 8 to Pine View, consisted of three more classrooms and a larger staff room added onto the end of the main hall at the back of the school. It was opened not in October 1992 as the plaque indicates but, due to construction delays, was actually completed in January 1993. There have been many further changes to the school including a new large parking lot, new playground equipment, new windows, new heating system, and technology updates. The school’s population has gotten smaller with recent boundary changes to the northwest for the new Valour superschool and boundary changes to the southeast for Rockwood.

The opening date for Pine View school, as per the Ministry of Education School Facilities Inventory System is September 1, 1956.

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